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Lima's Best Cooking Class

Our Cooking Classes

Lima's Best Cooking Classes

We are proud to be Lima's most popular Peruvian cooking school. Our cooking classes are unique in style in that they are designed to be informative and hands on, yet relaxed and easy going, so that you can learn whilst having a lot of fun. You will learn throughout the day about the unique history behind Peruvian cuisine, all the while improving your culinary skills and of course leaving you with a stomach full of tasty Peruvian food and cocktails.

Here is an example of the most common questions people ask and what we will be covering in the lesson: 

  • Why is Peruvian gastronomy so different?
  • Why Ceviche?
  • The information behind Causa our local Independence Dish
  • What is Chifa?
  • What is Nikkei food? 
  • Where I can go for dinner in Lima?
  • Where and what do Peruvians prefer to eat?
  • How local ingredients are sourced and the process from farming to reaching our tables
  • Substitute ingredients to use if you do not have one of the Peruvian ingredients at home

We can answer all of these questions and more as we cook, laugh and eat the most delicious Peruvian food.

Our Chefs:

Our Chef Hector Aguilar Valle  and Chef Jose Aguilar meet at Maido - Lima where Jose was Chef de Cuisine and Hector Cretive chef, from that day the always work together alternating classes with the other chefs. Chef hector has spent many years of his life as an accomplished chef in a number fine dining and Michelin Star restaurants located around world which include France, Spain, USA, Asia and Australia. And Chef Jose has worked in places like Maido and Cellar de can Roca in spain (best restaurant in the world. Having been away from Peru for a number of years, Hector not only missed home, but strongly desired to share many Peruvian delicacies with the world. This inspired his idea for the Peruvian Cooking Classes, where he now offers people the chance to learn about the delights of Peruvian cuisine in an enjoyable and entertaining classNot enough with that.

we also have our chefs partners who are the top of the top. (google them)

The greatest chef  and one of our mentors Carlos Diaz Hernandes

The one of a kind Chef Pierre Marchand which is a legend inside the culinary scene.

The top chef Gigliola Currarino.



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