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Have you ever imagine learning how to cook your favorite peruvian food from home by the hand of one of the best Chefs in Peru? And to get to your door all this peruvian products you need to reacreate the best of your Peruvian dishes as in your favorite Peruvian Restaurant? 
Our Chefs can show you the real taste of the Gatronomique capital of South America.

We've been running for the last 5 years the best cooking school in Lima. our Head chef is award winner Chef Hector Aguilar. He has work in the best restaurants in the country and the world including Maido Restaurant (top 10 in the world) as a creative chef.  Also has work in places like Aqua and Spruce in San Francisco.

Do you have a monrning or an afternoon free to have a fun, foodie and amazing online cooking class? 

Come Join us. We promise you this experience will Blow your Mind!!!

Get Your

Peruvian ingredients at your door!!!!


One of those little big things that makes us different than any other online cooking class is that we will help you to get all those peruvian ingredients you need and you have no idea where to get. We are not looking to profit selling you a product. We are looking  to make it easy, fun and possible for you.

This is how it works, we have made a list of the best providers near you. So once you book your class we will shop for you or togethger those ingredients we need for your choice of dishes. They will arrive to your door in the next days.


Come Join us. We promise you this experience will Blow your Mind!!!


Your Class

"Choose in between an open group class or a private class, pick your dates and dishes depending your preferences."

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This adventure includes:
- Choose your class and dish from our Open Group Class Schedule
- Sign up for your class.
- Shop your peruvian products with us
- Get your products at your door step before your class
- We will send you a list of other easy products for you to get
- Get ready your utensiles for you class
- Join a Group Class up to 8 people to cook one of your Peruvian Favorites
- Learn how to cook your favorite Peruvian dish
- Get our e-book with the recipes of your class and new ones
Our Price: 20 usd per person
Day Morning Afternoon
Monday Peruvian Ceviche Causa rellena
Tuesday Lomo saltado Papas a la Huancaina
Wednesday Aji de gallina Peruvian Ceviche
Thursday Papas a la Huancaina Aji de gallina
Friday Causa Rellena Peruvian Ceviche
Saturday Peruvian Ceviche Lomo saltado
Your Private Class Dishes Participants Price
Private 1 on 1 you'll cook 1 dish 1 70 usd
Couples Class you'll cook 1 dish 2 90 usd
Cooking Party Same Location you'll cook 1 dish 3 to 6 120 usd
Cooking Party Different Locations you'll cook 1 dish 3 to 6 150 usd
Private 1 on 1 you'll cook 2 dish 1 90 usd
Couples Class you'll cook 2 dish 2 110 usd
Cooking Party Same Location you'll cook 2 dish 3 to 6 150 usd
Cooking Party Different Locations you'll cook 2 dish 3 to 6 180 usd
- we will help each location to buy all their Peruvian ingredients and to get them to their door step.
- we will guide you every step of the way before your class to get ready for it.
Dishes to choose for your online private class
- Ceviche - Lomo Saltado - Chicharron de cerdo
- Tiradito de pescado -Aji de gallina - Cau cau de pollo o mariscos
- Papas a la Huancaina - Arroz Chaufa - Chaufa de Quinoa
- Anticuchos - Arroz con Pollo - Arroz tapado
- Ocopa - Seco de carne o pollo - Picarones
- Papa Rellena - Estofado de carne o pollo - Suspiro a la Limena
- Choritos a la Chalaca - Escabeche - Mazamorra morada
- Causa rellena -Chupe de pescado o camarones - Arroz Zambito