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Private Online Cooking Classes


Online Cooking Class

Private Online Cooking Class

Are you looking for a private class with a top profesional Peruvian Chef? 
Here are some ideas:

  • 1 on 1 class
  • Couples romantic class
  • A cooking party at your house
  • or maybe a cooking class with all your friends from their homes.

Nowadays is hard to find great, fun and safe activities for couples or even hanging out with friends has become almost impossible..... 
But what if we could have the best cooking party with few of your friends either from one location or many locations or even a cooking date?

We offer you the possibility to live a fantastic cooking experience from home, learning how to cook Peruvian food from the hand of one of the most recognized Peruvian Chef in Lima. 
Award winner Chef Hector Aguilar Valle, former creative chef at Maido Restaurant in Lima - Peru (top 10 in the world and 2nd in south America) will cook with you and your friends any of your favorite dishes.

And will help you to get at all the Peruvian ingredients you need and you have no idea where to find to your door step.

Are you looking for the best way to share with the ones you love. This is it!!!!!




For You!!!!

Kind  of Class How many Dishes Participants Hours Price
Online Open Group class 1 1 to 6 click here 20 usd
1 on 1 1 1 1 70 usd
1 on 1 2 1 1:30 - 1:45 90 usd
Couples Class 1 2 1 100 usd
Couples Class 2 2 1:30 - 1:45 120 usd
Cooking Party 1 location 1 3 to 6 1:30 120 usd
Cooking Party 1 location 2 3 to 6 2:00 - 2:15 150 usd
Cooking Party Diferent Locations 1 3 to 6 1:45 150 usd
Cooking Party Diferent Locations 2 3 to 6 2:30 - 2:45 180 usd

Best Breakfast in town.

There is just few places in town where you can find a real old school Peruvian breakfast. If you never heard about it, this is a must. 

So Imagine to have that breakfast in one of the most amazing and beloved spots by the locals. Everybody knows that's it. Join us for good coffee and a traditional peruvian breakfast. Butifarras, Tamales, chicharrones y mas. This place offers the perfect way to start a foodie adventure. 


Everything Starts in Our Markets.

Join our chef to visit the top gourmet market in Lima,  This is a must experience, get to know our Culture, History and Products.

Peruvian Culinary start in our markets. Learn what to use at home and about our bio diversity, meet our vendors and try few things while you walk around this amazing peruvian institution.


A la Picanteria!!!!

Picanterias are the beggining of all. Those traditional places before the restaurants are probably the most representative expresions of peruvian foos as we know it. 

All our Chefs agreed in this one. it was fundamental to show our visitors about this amazing traditions. 
When the food is ready they place a red flag at the door. Also you can smell the food is ready before you are able to look at the flag.

We made it happen. A tasting lunch menu when you can get Guinea Pig, Rocoto Relleno, Chupe de Camarones, Ocopa, Queso helado and Tocino del cielo. Can you believe this???? All in just one place and the best you will try!!!!!.



Ceviche and Pisco Sour Class.

You will be able to learn how to make ceviche hand by hand with one of the most amazing Chef this country ever produced,  Chef Marchand has been Director in the best Culinary institutes in this country. 

Join us in one of the best Restaurants of Moder Peruvian Cusine you can find in Lima.

And join his Bartender to make the best Pisco Sour. You will not believe this is happening!!!! 


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